Q: Why do I have more than one Handicap Index?

A: Congratulations! You are one of the richer golfers that can afford to buy more than one share. You should contact your home club and advise them to consolidate your scores with other clubs. You must elect one home club and the rest will be your sub-clubs.

Q: What games are used in the calculation of my index?

A: Depending on the number of games you have, the system will use the ff. number of scores in the calculation

Also, there is a monthly cut off date for scores used in the calculation.

Q: What is the monthly cut off date?

A: Only games that are on or below the cut-off date (every 22nd of the month) are used in your index. For example, to calculate your May index, only games that are played on or below April 22 are used. Games that are played beyond the cut off date will be used on the next month's calculation.

Q: When are indexes processed?

A: Every 27th of the month (midnight). Expect your new index on the morning of the 28th

Q: Why a sudden drop on my Handicap Index?

A: You have been playing well lately? Otherwise, your club may have encoded very few games only. Check the number of scores recorded under your account. UNHS takes the latest 20 games and extract the best 10 as basis for your handicap index. Most likely you have less than 20 games that makes your handicap drop abruptly. If you have only 5 games, only the best one will be counted.

Your index may also be reduced due to exceptional tournament scores (if there is a letter R besides your index)

Q: How do I know what scores was used in my Handicap Index calculation?

A: Log in to your account and the details of the computation is available at your Home Page.
(*if you do not know your password, please contact your home club and ask for your default password)

Q: How many scores do I need to qualify for a Handicap Index?

A: USGA rules require at least 5 or more games (that are played on or below the cut off date) to qualify for a handicap index

Q: Where should I submit my scorecard when I am not playing on my Home Club?

A: UNHS Member Clubs are required to input the scores of any UNHS members. Just submit your scorecards at the Golf CLub that you are playing at and they should encode your scores.

Q: There is a T or C after my scores. What is it?

A: The T after an adjusted score means that you played on a Tournament. C means that it is a combined score of two 9 hole games.

Q: There is an R after my Handicap Index. What is it?

A Handicap Index is displayed with an “R” (e.g. 10.4R) because two or more tournament scores have been posted within the past year that are at least three strokes better than the current Handicap Index based on the most recent twenty scores.

for more info on T-Score Reduction visit http://www.usga.org/handicapfaq/handicap_answer.asp?FAQidx=22